Jewellery, made to be worn

Become a goddess without the sacrifice

Jewellery has the power to inspire and empower, create precious moments or bring back memories - and that doesn't have to cost the Earth to achieve

Inspired by summer

We're all different. That's why we created a collection as unique as you are.
Designed for people that want golden hour to last every hour

A luxury, affordable for everyone

Being able to depend on your jewellery means wearing it everyday - and updating as often as you'd like 

Our story

Based in the UK, we're a small company that feels absolutely amazed we get to create something special every day.

It was so clear to us that there was a huge gap in the market for luxury jewellery at affordable prices, that was both - long lasting - and made to be worn. 

Jewellery is an extension our ourselves, our views and the way that we want to feel. It should make us feel excited, and fabulous, and have a special meaning. 

Our customers want adventure and sun, they find beauty in the everyday and want jewellery that that can be mixed and layered - not to 'match' the outfit, but to be the outfit.

And Elk & Bloom has been taken on quite a journey with you.

We've walked down the aisle, been gifted, flown to tiny Maldivian islands, made it to the North Pole, taken on dinner dates, proposed with... & through our thousands of 5 star reviews, we really feel like we've been with you the whole way.

Your support really means the world to us! xx

Customer reviews

Elk & Bloom customer testimonial image


"I am in love with my pieces from Elk & Bloom, especially the simple statement pieces that make any outfit special!"

- Amber (customer testimonial)

Elk & Bloom customer testimonial image


"I couldn’t be happier with our necklaces. When I was looking for my wedding day, I was wanting something dainty and something that my daughter could wear so she could match with me. I also plan on it hopefully being my daughters something old when she gets married! Thank you so much Elk & Bloom, they couldn’t be more perfect."

- Billie (customer testimonial)

Elk & Bloom customer testimonial image


"My husband game me three of your necklaces as an anniversary gift and I love them! I wear them everyday! xx"

- Holly (customer testimonial)

Custom alterations - as unique as you are

Just like finding the perfect pair of shoes, your jewellery is no different. It should fit your shape and match you just right.

Personalised notes & gift boxes

Gifting is more than just the item, its the thoughtful note, or the new memories you're unboxing, that makes it a truly special moment

Customer reviews

Elk & Bloom customer testimonial image


"I love this necklace so much, I even ended up ordering more items from the seller only a few days after this item arrived including a stunning ring!"

- Courtney (customer testimonial)


"Love my new ear rings! Thank you! I messaged about trying to find the right necklace for me & got a super quick great response back! Def buying from again!!"

- Paige (customer testimonial)

Elk & Bloom customer testimonial image


"Elk & Bloom is my go-to whenever I'm looking for new jewellery pieces. I've worn my sterling silver gold plated necklaces everyday for a year now and they still look like new! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good quality jewellery💛✨"

- Chloe (customer testimonial)

Elk & Bloompress & ambassadors

Press & ambassadors

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