Your guide to organising jewellery: Tangle-Free Treasures - An 8 Step Elk & Bloom Guide to Storing Necklaces without the Knots

Ok, ok, how to organise jewellery… the eternal struggle of untangling gold choker necklaces and dainty gold bracelets – we've all been there, and trust me, I’ve spent entire afternoons there. But fear not, because I'm about to drop my top jewellery storage tips on how to keep your necklaces tangle-free and ready to rock at a moment's notice. Say goodbye to those frustrating knots and hello to wearing your beautiful babies.


  1. How to pack jewellery in carry on, or how to stop necklaces getting tangled when travelling… or simply when the night is over:

Now, I’m starting with something a little different… you’ll want to grab some resealable plastic bags, the kind you'd find in any craft or kitchen store. Slip each necklace into its own bag and seal it up. Why am I saying this… here’s the science part – sulphur and oxygen, present in the air is the primary cause of gold and silver jewellery tarnishing, so it’ll keep your jewellery looking better for longer and stop jewellery from tarnishing quicker. Not only that, but with your jewellery in individual baggies, this will this prevent tangling, and create a clear view of your treasures. Pro tip: place a small piece of tissue paper between each necklace for extra protection if you’re stacking them on top of one another… or cramming them into tight spaces *no judgement from us*. 

  1. How to store jewellery when you don’t have a jewellery box:

I hope my strong start doesn’t stop here... This quirky hack is one I heard about from a friend… and it works for organising bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. You can grab a drinking straw and unclasp your silver choker or gold necklace. Thread one end of the necklace through the straw and secure it back together. Voilà – no more tangles! You can easily store multiple necklaces using this technique.

  1. Jewellery storage hacks that are little cuter… How to organise jewellery at home when you have nothing on you:

Cut small pieces of cardboard, like index cards or packaging material from your latest Amazon box, and cut two little slots either side, or poke a few holes through it with a needle. Attach your dainty gold bracelet set, or gold choker necklace to these cards by gently looping them through the slots and around, securing the clasp. Or thread your chunky gold hoops and dainty studs through the holes to store earrings. Then, stack these cardboard cuties in a box or drawer. Easy to access and tangle-free!

  1. Necklace racks and hanging jewellery storage ideas:

Invest in a stylish jewellery or necklace organiser with hooks or hangers. Hang each necklace separately, allowing them to dangle freely. Not only will this keep your dics necklaces tangle-free from your coin chokers, but it'll also serve as a dazzling wall decor piece! Jewellery boxes are lovely, but often mean bunching up your dainty gold chains, or mixing them together, which as we know, equals a big chunky chain mess…

Also… if you’re as addicted to jewels as we are, we like to organise our necklaces by colour for a visually stunning storage solution. From radiant rose gold to brilliant yellow gold, this rainbow of glowing beauties will not only make finding your favourite piece a breeze but also make your storage spaces stunning. 

  1. Jewellery travel organiser – how to pack jewellery for travel:

Traveling with necklaces can be a tangle nightmare. Prevent this by placing each necklace in your Elk & Bloom cotton pouches – slip each necklace into its own pouch and fasten it shut. These pouches will not only prevent tangling but also protect your necklaces from dust and damage, and with a quick wipe, it keeps your dainty gold chokers polished and your chunky gold hoops shiny too!

  1. Mesh earring holder – earring organiser and necklace storage ideas:

Grab a mesh earring holder – you know, those adorable stands and boards used for Pinterest worthy earrings? Hang your necklaces from the little hooks meant for earrings. Gravity keeps them separate and untangled, plus it adds a touch of elegance to your vanity. That’s one way to keep your beach cowrie gold necklace from your festival silver karma choker…

  1. How to store jewellery like a ‘she’s got that dressing room with the table in the middle’ vibe. (Tray inserts edition):

Lay your necklaces flat in a shallow jewellery box or drawer lined with soft fabric. Try placing them in a single layer, like precious gems displayed in a museum. This method prevents them from getting jumbled up. *cutie kiddos inspecting mama’s beautiful drawers not advised*

  1. Jewellery holder DIY – how to organise bracelets and store necklaces in a box:

Ok, we’re taking it back vintage now - grab an old wooden thread spool (or buy a new one for a cute DIY project). Secure the end of each necklace onto the spool. Not only will it keep them separate, but it also adds a touch of vintage charm to your storage. **think - Pinterest old money vintage display**

So, there you have it, the glam girls guide to storing your treasure trove of tangle-free necklace storage ideas! Keep your precious necklaces ready to shine, minus the fuss of untangling. From cardboard cuties to vintage tricks, you're now armed with creative and stylish solutions that will make accessorising a breeze.

August 28, 2023 — Elk & Bloom

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