On the quest for that dreamy gold bling, you've probably heard about "18 carat gold," right? It's like this promise of total luxury and easy-wear vibes. But hold up, what's the deal with it, and how does it turn into the chic, modern jewellery we all crave? Well, buckle up because we're taking you on a ride through the carat universe, decoding the magic of 18 carat gold, and sorting out the differences between all those carats. Get ready to find your next fave piece of gold glam!

What is 18K gold?

When we throw around "18K gold," it's all about that purity level. Think of it as the gold VIP club, where 24K gold is like the pure gold superstar. Now, with 18K, we're talking 75% pure gold, spiced up with other metals to give it that extra oomph in durability and style. It's like the gold blend that's got it all going on! Speaking of style game, we are loving our chunky 18K thick gold hoops

Chunky 18K Thick Gold Hoops

What is a carat?

A gold carat is the measure we use to talk about how pure gold is in a mix. The deal is, we use a scale of 24, and if something's 24 carats, it's straight-up pure gold. Easy peasy!

What can 18k gold be used for?

So, 18k gold is pretty versatile, you know? It's like the MVP for all sorts of bling and fancy stuff because it's pure, tough, and downright gorgeous. Check out some everyday ways people use this golden goodness:

18k gold rings: Gold statement rings like our 18k gold knot ring often feature 18 carat gold due to its balance of purity and durability.  
18K Gold Knot Ring

18k gold necklaces: Chunky gold chains like our 18k gold coin necklace, as well as dainty gold necklaces like our 18k gold large shell clam necklace showcase the rich colour and luster of 18 carat gold.

Dainty 18K gold large shell clam necklace

Chunky 18K gold coin medallion necklace

18k gold Earrings: Whether gold studs, gold chunky hoops (like our gold chain hoops below), or gold huggies; earrings benefit from the versatility and visual appeal of 18 carat gold. 

Thick 18K gold chain hoop earrings

18k gold bracelets and anklets: The malleability of 18 carat gold makes it suitable for crafting intricate designs like our 18k gold chain anklet.


Delicate 18K Gold Chain Anklet - Anklets - Elk & Bloom 

How expensive is 18k gold?

The price of 18 carat gold can be all over the place, right? It's valuable for sure – it's the third most precious gold alloy, so it's got that gold content bling going on. But when it comes to rocking 18 carat gold jewellery, the cost can swing a bit, especially if you're checking out cool alternatives like gold vermeil or gold-plated pieces. It's all about the vibe and what works for you!

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is basically this thick layer of fancy gold (usually 18 carat or more) plated onto a base metal, usually sterling silver. It's like magic, turning it into this piece that looks all solid gold but doesn't break the bank. So, you get that luxe vibe without blowing your budget. Win-win

So there you have it, girls! 18K gold is basically the rockstar of the gold world. It's like being part of the gold VIP club, just a bit shy of the pure gold glory at 24K. Picture it as 75% pure gold, spiced up with other metals for that perfect blend of bling and toughness. So, next time you're eyeing that stunning piece of jewelry, and it's rocking that 18K tag, you can nod knowingly – it's got that golden magic with a side of durability. Shine on!

January 02, 2024 — Elk & Bloom

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