Layering gold jewellery can be tricky... but girl, we got you! Have no fear - in this guide, we're about to show you just how easy stacking can be and how you can layer your Elk &  Bloom gold jewellery!
Get ready to stack, sparkle, and slay like the jewellery goddess you were born to be! 

Layering like a boss babe

Stack 'em up, mix 'em up, and let the golden layers do the talking! We've found that people like to layer gold jewellery because it does the talking for them - your choice of stack set will be like a beacon to let your personality shine through. From dainty gold chokers to chunky gold chains, we don't think anything should hold back on your necklace game. You can mix lengths, experiment with different textures, and create a jaw-dropping masterpiece that's uniquely you. Whether you're going for an effortless boho vibe or a vintage bold statement look, the key is choosing golden jewellery and necklaces that compliment one another.
Get ready to make heads turn and jaws drop?

Bracelets?! We prefer... arm candy 

 Who needs just one gold bracelet when you can have an arm party of dazzling delights? It's time to stack those golden bracelets! Whether you're a dainty bracelet aficionado or a charm bracelet lover, your wrists can be a canvas for magnificent arm candy. 
 Bracelet stacking is all about making a statement and having a good time while doing it - there really are no more rules than that.  Be fearless, be bold, and let your wrists shine like the radiant star you are. 

Rocking the stacking game with fierce fingers!

Ok, ok, ok, we haven't forgotten about those fingers. Your fingers are craving some serious bling, so why settle for just one ring? Stack 'em high and stack 'em proud, my fabulous queen! Stacking rings has to be by far the easiest... theres already 10 different fingers to choose from. Playing with different shapes and gemstones, and even positioning on the finger... think 'gold midi ring' for inspo, is a great way to curate a bold new look for yourself.
Whether you're aiming for a bohemian chic look or an edgy vibe, stacking gold rings is the ultimate way to add some fierce and fabulous flair to your fingers!

Gold & Silver - mix it up

Now, I know we've been talking gold jewellery a lot... and maybe you are just a golden gal, but let's mix it up. By adding different metals, such as a dainty silver pendant necklace, and pairing it with your chunky gold chain, it'll create a symphony of style. Because who says you must choose just one metal? We can wear what we want, and skin tones work with all metals. We don't believe in this 'warmer undertones for gold', blah, blah, blah.
The truth is, gold and silver have been besties since the beginning, and they're paired together, they make the ultimate combo.
Embrace the magical fusion of gold, silver, rose gold, and everything in between. Mix your gold chunky statement chains with your dainty silver choker and add a dash of whimsy with gemstones. The key is to let your creativity run wild and create a harmonious chaos that sets your stacks apart. So, darling, go forth and mix those metals like a true style maestro!
The key is to have fun, experiment, and let your personal style shine through. And if you're looking for some more inspiration on how to stack your jewellery, we've found some of our hot favourites for you!

Option 1

Dainty 14K Gold Cowrie Shell Clam Necklace

Option 2

Dainty 14K Gold Beaded Bracelet

Option 3

14K Gold Promise Love Stacking Ring
May 26, 2023 — Elk & Bloom

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