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Our Story - jewellery for precious moments ♥

Welcome to my little shop, where you can find dainty golden jewellery, for you and your loved ones! 💫🤍

When I was little, diving into my mum's jewellery box felt like a wonderland... a gold one-stone ring from my grandmother, a few odd mysterious loose coins, and a whole heap of other precious memories bundled into a box.

"Why is that one rusted?" I asked,
"Well, that one was worn in the Indian ocean."
"And why does that necklace only have one pearl?"
She said, "Oh, my sister has the other one."

I could have sworn, she either lied about all of the stories, or they were true. And if that was the case, then that treasure chest was a special kind of something.

Now I'm a little older, her stories (and a few of those dainty items) are still in my mind, but they're now part of my treasure trove. The box that includes all my best adventures, my happiest moments, and my most precious memories.

I believe, if you make each piece of minimalist jewellery with love, the owner will give it its meaning.

And I don't believe, that the special piece of jewellery you own, doesn't have a story - if you've placed it into your magical trove though, you just have to make sure it's a story worth telling!

I handcraft dainty jewellery for precious moments and for people that believe in magic. Because it's magic that makes our souls happy.

Thanks for visiting - I hope something finds you & you can make memories with it!

With love,
from the little (grown-up) girl that makes things with meaning, for treasure troves.


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